Sometimes a place grabs you, pulls you in, and won’t let go. That’s how I felt the first time I crossed a plateau outside of Abiquiu, New Mexico, and caught my first glimpse of the red and yellow and chalk white landscape that has pulled so many others into her grasp. So much so that a handful of months later I came to call New Mexico home.

The Southwest is where the spark of creativity truly took hold, where I picked up my camera and started to seek, to create, to express rather than simply record. I started to search, to look, to travel, to push, to win and fail, to dig deeper and slower, to try and see.

The Southwest is where I always needed to be.

For me, photography isn’t about rewards or recognition or sales, it’s about getting out there and connecting with the land, letting the quiet wash over you, breathing in the crisp clear morning air, seeing the world in all its expansive glory, and reveling in the smallest of details.

A quiet person by nature, sharing my photography has given me a way to express myself and share things that are meaningful to me. I look forward to continuing to search, explore, and discover the wonders of the Southwest and wherever else life may take me.

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and share my work at my gallery in Madrid, New Mexico.    

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